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Code: 9519000903

495.00 € 347.00 €

Blue Jacquard weave costume, on the Lello line, made of S'120 ‘’Connoiseur’ full-fabric fabric of the Italian textile industry Guabello.

The jacket has a slim application and closes with two buttons. It features a 9 cm wide lace, light shoulder trim with spalla camicia made of traditional Neapolitan seam, a Barca chest pocket, real buttonholes in the sleeves, a double slit back, and a full back.

Trousers are in close range, with a final under 18 cm. It features zippers and buttons, 100% cotton inner fabric, two side panels, two back pockets and a small discreet inner pocket just under the front zip.

The vest has five buttons with lining and fastening to the back for perfect fit in the body.

It is an excellent choice for a grooming costume and formal occasions all year round.

It is made in Italy.

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Product Description

Product Code -9519000903

Weaving -Jacquard

Fit - Lello

Quality - Wool s'120

Construction -Made in Italy