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Welcome to our online store.

Terms and conditions of use.

The website TSITSIGIAS.COM (hereinafter referred to as "Online Store") is the online store of the Greek company under the name "YIOI K TSITSIGIA OE", located in Giannitsa, 12, Mayor of Stamkou str., 58100, tel. 2382083370. The visit and use of the Online Store automatically implies acceptance of these Terms of Use.
In case of disagreement with the following terms and conditions, the visitor must not use the e-shop.

TSITSIGIAS.COM reserves the right to modify, add, modify or renew unilaterally the content of the e-shop and the terms of use at any time it deems necessary and without prior notice only by means of an e-shop announcement.

Products and Images 

On Line The products sold through the website are exclusively for purchase and personal use. Customers in our online store are not allowed to resell products. TSITSIGIAS.COM makes every effort to present the products of the website as accurately as possible. However, in some cases there may be color variations or errors.Color deviations from the actual product are unavoidable due to the diversity of the display or screen user. We reserve the right to correct any errors or change the page at any time without prior notice.

Images displayed on TSITSIGIAS.COM belong to YIOI K. TSITSIGIA OE and strictly forbidden any unauthorized use thereof. The delivery of the products purchased through the E-shop is made in Greece and abroad in certain ways and different cost depending on the country of destination.

For more information, please contact us at

Creating a Personal Account (MYACCOUNT)

For access to certain services, TSITSIGIAS.COM asks users to provide a password. The above information must always be true, accurate, valid and complete.To complete your purchases at eshop TSITSIGIAS.COM, you must register by creating your own personal account
Registered users have the following benefits:
  • Proceed with orders
  • Save the shipping address in the address book to complete the payment process faster                                                                             • Have access to all information about their orders and returns of their orders

Users are responsible for all acts performed by the password and are required to promptly notify TSITSIGIAS.COM, for any unauthorized use of it and for any (and even possible) security breach.

 Change the '«MYACCOUNT' Elements»

You can edit your account information at any time. Log in to "MyAccount" and select "profile". You can modify your personal information and then save your changes. If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot password" link. Enter the email address you registered with and receive an email with your new password

Product availability

The items displayed on the website do not fully reflect the actual availability of the item in color and size. Once the order has been processed by the Order Department, TSITSIGIAS.COM reserves the right to review and confirm the availability of the goods and to contact with the customer if his order can not be made for any reason or at his own request.The products of the Online Shop are sold until the stock is exhausted. As an authorized distributor of all brands in the electronic selection, TSITSIGIAS.COM guarantees the complete authenticity of each item displayed.

Ownership- Copyright & Trademark.

YIOI K. TSITSIGIA is the owner of the website TSITSIGIAS.COM and its contents. This includes, but is not limited to, documents, images, characters, design, music, software, codes, and text formats. The material included in the TSITSIGIAS.COM website is protected by copyright.
Reproduction, modification, transmission, republication, and / or redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of YIOI K TSITSIGIA OE. YOI K TSITSIGIA OE does not allow the use of the content of the website or its trademark for any purpose other than what she herself suggests.

Commercial Policies.

Order Processing.

SOCIETE ANONYME SAreserves the right to reject any order if the order does not receive an explicit verification or approval from the customer's bank. Once an order has been made to validated products available, no changes can be made to.
TSITSIGIAS.COM reserves the right to delay the shipment if an order is not able to be shipped due to external interference. Please note that during dispatches and discounts there may be delays in express shipments. It is at the discretion of YIOI K. TSITSIGIA OE to reserve the right to refuse to process an order and / or to offer services to anyone at any time.

Final Clients.

YIOI K TSITSIGIA OE has created and published the website TSITSIGIAS.COM with the mission to offer services exclusively for its own customers. The products sold on the TSITSIGIAS.COM website are for the end consumer. By the term "final customer", SOCIETE ANONYME is a person or persons not owning a business or professional activity which may include the resale of the goods purchased by TSITSIGIAS.COM.

Customer requirements 

To place orders on TSITSIGIAS.COM you must:

Be a person designated as a "final customer"
Be 18 years old and over.
Be able to make legally binding contracts.
You have a valid POP email address.

Liability Disclaimer 

YIOI K TSITSIGIA OE publishes information on TSITSIGIAS.COM's website to provide services to its users but disclaims any responsibility for any technical inaccuracies and / or typographical errors. As soon as this comes to our attention, SOCIETE ANONYMOUS will proceed to a prompt correction. SOCIETE GENERAL SOCIETY OF GREECE will also have the right to make corrections and changes to the website, when necessary, without prior notice. SOCIETY OF CHILDREN OE provides no guarantee that the information posted on its website is in accordance with the relevant laws of the User's jurisdiction.

The Web site of YIOI  K TSITSIGIA OE TSITSIGIAS.COM will be a protected area according to the international Internet standards which, if properly used, users can remain confident that they will not face viruses. However, YII K TSITSIGIA OE is not responsible for any problems, damages, viruses or hazards that the user may suffer during the use of the site and he is not responsible for the possible malfunctioning of the website due to the deactivation of "cookies" in the user's browser.

Users must accept the terms and conditions of this legal notice and must not fail to periodically visit these pages for updates, changes and corrections. SOCIETE GENERAL SOCIETY reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions are contained in this legal notice, when necessary, without prior notice.

Cookies Policy.

TSITSIGIAS.COM reserves the right to use personal data voluntarily provided by users in accordance with applicable regulations (Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003).

Applicable law and other terms.

Any provision of the above terms shall be deemed to be contrary to law, it shall automatically cease to be valid and shall be withdrawn from the present without in any case undermining the validity of the other terms. Any concession, delay or non-application of one or more of these Terms part of TSITSIGIAS.COM can not be construed as a waiver, temporary or final, in whole or in part, of any right or claim arising out of them or by law.
This Agreement shall be governed by European and Greek law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Giannitsa Users are invited to periodically visit this page to see updates and / or changes related to applicable law.

Online Shopping.

Images, sizes and descriptions of each product are available online. For more information, or additional measurements for a particular size, please contact us by e-mail at:

Prices and Currency.

TSITSIGIAS.COM encourages customers to contact their bank to obtain accurate price conversion and transaction-related banking information. • The listed prices in € of the products displayed on the website are the final sales prices.
• Various product offers are valid until stocks are exhausted.
• We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice. Price changes do not affect orders already made.

We try to ensure the accuracy of the site's price information. However, occasionally, incorrect product prices may occur. If the correct price is lower than the one stated in our online store, then you will be priced at the lowest price. If the correct price is higher, we will contact you and we will ask you if you wish to continue with your order at the right price, or cancel it.