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TSITSIGIAS.COM's goal is to stay completely satisfied with your purchases. In any case, however, you have the right of withdrawal, described in detail below. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may withdraw and return the products provided you observe the following procedure. You have the right to withdraw from the contract sale within a 10-day limited period of time from the day on which you or a third party indicated by you person has received the products.

Within the above deadline, you must inform the company, TSITSIGIAS, based in Giannitsa, and address: 12, Stamkou Str., Giannitsa, 58100, phone (+30) 2310250885, for your decision to withdraw from the contract, by sending a clear statement of withdrawal. The easiest way is to send a fully completed, online return form.

The online return form is available at the bottom of this page.
You will need to complete it with all the necessary information such as name and surname, email, phone number, order number and "THEMA" field, state the exercise of the right of withdrawal and describe the problem you were facing. Indicatively, we provide you with the following text, which you could use as a withdrawal statement:

"I hereby inform you that I am withdrawing from my contract of sale of the following product (s), ..........., ........., ..... ..., ordered / on ... / ... / ... and received at ... / ... / ..... "

In the same field you can also include anything else you want to describe as a comment.

If you paid by cash, you will also have to fill in all the necessary bank account information (account number, IBAN of the same account and beneficiary name), in the "Return Form", in the which will be credited with the refunded money. The return form can also be found on the delivery package of your order. If you prefer, you can send it by fax or email at WWW.TSITSIGIAS.COM. In any case, you will need to place the return form fully completed with the product (s) to be returned in their original packaging. also the DHL voucher, which you find on your order and give it to DHL along with the package to return. (Applies only to the other EU countries).

For Greece, call ACS. Visit the ACS website to enter the order number of your order and find the contact details of the nearest ACS station. Alternatively, if you find it difficult to find a contact phone, call the headquarters, customer service (+30) 210 81 90 000

For the other EU countries, visit the website, enter the bill of lading of your order and find the contact details of the nearest DHL station. Alternatively, if you find it difficult to find a contact phone, call the customer service center (+30) 210 9890000.

If you use the ACS service for Greece, the return fee is FREE. While for the other EU countries you have FREE refund costs for purchases over 200 €. If the total value of your order for other EU countries and a total order value of less than 200 € is charged with refund costs amount of 45 €. We do not bear any costs and liability for items returned otherwise than for courier services ACS for Greece and DHL for the other EU countries. of the companies we partner with. If you choose to return the item (s) of your order in any other way, the refund will be borne by you. In addition, in this case, YII K. TSITSIGIA OE is not responsible for the possible loss or destruction of the package. You are responsible for any reduction in the value of the products resulting from your inappropriate handling. Upon receipt of the returned products, TSITSIGIAS.COM will check of their situation. Returned products should be unused (in addition to testing for the correct number) and be in the best condition. In any case, return products must be in the condition received by the customer, complete and without damage . Their packaging is the one that normally accompanies the product in perfect condition, along with their special markings (badges), and with all the documents accompanying the product (eg DAT, Retail, The quality of the re- yskefasias product is your responsibility.

If return products are not accepted, you will be notified. In this case, you can choose to send the products back to you without charge of the store. If you refuse the above shipment, the store has the right to keep the products and the amount paid upon purchase by you. However, we may delay the refund until we get back the products and check their status. they should be excellent as it was when they were dispatched. Weak, damaged, worn, soiled items that we objectively evaluate at TSITSIGIAS.COM have been used, will not be accepted and will be returned to the customer.

If the above procedure and conditions are met, TSITSIGIAS.COM will authorize the return of the products and refund the value of the products within 10 calendar days of the date when the right to withdraw was made public.
Product returns and changes purchased from the online store (e-shop) of TSITSIGIAS.COM can not be made in a physical store of the company. As you can not, you can change or return products purchased from a physical store through the e-shop of TSITSIGIAS.COM, (e-shop).

Return of Invalid or Defective Products

In case you receive a defective product or there was an error in the execution of your order, such as sending an error code, size, etc., in relation to what you ordered, you have the right to ask for it to be returned, using the same procedure of returns. On receipt of the returned product, TSITSIGIAS.COM will check this status and identify the defect or error in the execution of the order.

If you want to replace with another product, you will need to proceed with a new order, of course free of charge. There is always the possibility that if you want the item originally ordered in another size or color, it is exhausted. If you do not wish to replace the product or it is not possible due to lack of availability, we will refund the amount according to your payment method . The exact procedure follows in the next section "Returns of Money".

Refunds of Money

Upon receipt of the returning item, the return approval process begins. The process of checking your product and returning your money. Products are checked for compliance with the above terms and conditions.
If the refund is accepted, you will be informed by e-mail about the refund of your money according to your original payment method. The company makes the refund according to the above, using the same means of payment as you used in your original transaction.

Refunds in case of payment by card

Once your order is returned, the refund process begins, which will be completed by crediting the amount on your card.

Returns of money in case of payment by PayPal

Once your order is returned, you will be credited to the PayPal account.

Refunds in case of Payment by Payment (applies only to Greece).

Your money will be refunded to the account number you declare to us in the "Return Form". You will be asked to enter the name of the bank, account holder name and IBAN. The above information will be written to us in the "Description of the Problem" field in "RETURN FORM". You can find this information in your account statement or request it from your bank. You can check the credit amount in your online bank account or by contacting the bank.